DQVII3DS - Fryling
Japanese name よろい竜
Rōmaji Gairyuu
Family Dragon
Introduced in Dragon Quest VII

The Fryling (formerly Armorgon) is a monster in Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the Probina region in the past, Mount Probina in the past, DarkDraco's Tower in both the past and present and the Basin Cave in Mardra.


Dragon Quest VII

#75 - Armorgon
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 90
Attack 69
Defense 80
Agility 58
Experience 46
Gold 20
Dropped Item Boomerang
Skills Blaze Air
Call for Help ([Armoured wartoise
Haunts Probina

Monster Meadows Quotes



-"Skkkreee! Skkkreee! Skkkreee!"

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