Dragon Quest VII
DQVII3DS - Hirsute hexer
Japanese name ボトク
Rōmaji Botoku
Gender Male
Race(s) Vis mager
Age Unknown

Gasputin (formerly Botok) is a boss in VII.


Gasputin was the lead monster in the Labres region. He sent his followers to devour the residents and put the town into a fog which they couldn't escape. Four residents, including Lucas's parents and the Labres Priest went to stop Gasputin but he defeated and killed all but the priest. The priest then made a deal with Gasputin. Gasputin wouldn't attack Gasputin as long as the priest lived if the priest switched his form with the monster. The priest agreed to this and his form was switched with that of Gasputin. Gasputin anticipated that the people would be so scared of the transformed priest that they would kill him, thus rendering the agreement void.


The party encounter Gasputin on Mt. Tor, commanding the monsters to make the fog. The monster tells the party the story of the priest and then attacks. The party defeats Gasputin and the rest of the monsters flee, lifting the fog from the Labres region.


Gasputin is an unusual boss at this stage of the game. He really doesn't hit hard nor does he have devastating spells. All he has is that he can attack twice and use Healmore and Stopspell. He can also spew Poison Fog, envenoming one party member. But that is easily cured with Antidote. Using Upper and Increase help here. Even a lackadaisically leveled party can easily dispatch Gasputin.

Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 2500
MP 255
Skills Two attacks, Poison Fog
Spells Healmore Stopspell
Family Demon
Haunts Mt. Tor

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