DQVIII - Gemon
Japanese name 妖魔ゲモン
Rōmaji Yōma Gemon
Family Bird
Introduced in VIII

Gemon is Rhapthorne's right hand man and a boss in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Gemon threatened to murder Empyrea's unborn child if she did not co-operate with Gemon. He has apparently sat guarding the egg for years in Dark Godbird's Eyrie.

Once Gemon is defeated, he kills Empyrea's unborn child in a kamikaze explosion attack. The child's soul then joins the player in the form of a stone. Merging with the Godbird's soul allows the hero and party to fly.

Gemon's appearance is similar to the monsters gryphon, dark gryphon and war gryphon.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2

Gemon appears as the boss of Cragravation, along with his son Jamirus, who is fought before him. He appears near the summit where Melonie ran away to, and kidnaps her; claiming she'd make a nice "nest mate" for his son. Chasing him down results in the boss battle, with Mayday fighting against Jamirus. After the player claims victory, the duo flee after hearing a loud cry from above.

Gemon is a size 2 monster, and can be synthesized by combining a Jamirus with a Belial. He can also be synthesized alongside a Hargon to create Baramos.

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