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Gladiator is an advanced vocational class in the Dragon Quest game series.



The Gladiator is a character class in Dragon Quest VI. In addition to increases in Strength, HP, and Speed, Gladiators also gain a variety of powerful skills that allow them to deal with many different enemies. Overall, this is a very strong class. A character requires skills from both the Soldier and Fighter sets to become a Gladiator.

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 249
Strength +15%
Agility +10%
Defence +10%
Wisdom -20%
Max HP +50%
Max MP -40%


Level Title (Japanese/English versions) Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Juniorweight Gust Slash One Enemy Attacks enemy
2 Flyweight Undead Undoer One Enemy Bonus damage versus zombie family
3 Lightweight Cop Out Self Increase evasion and chance to deflect attack
4 Middleweight Multislice All Enemies Attacks all enemies
5 Heavyweight Flying Knee One Enemy Bonus damage versus flying enemies
6 Prize Fighter Dragon Slash One Enemy Bonus damage versus Dragon family
7 Champion Boulder Toss Random Attacks multiple enemies
8 Hand of God Metal Slash One Enemy Extra damage versus Metal Enemies


DQIX - Gladiator

A gladiator is a fierce fighter who rains continuous carnage on the foes who face them, and can wield a Sword sword, DQ9AxeIcon axe, or DQ9HammerIcon hammer. However, they cannot equip a shield (unless you max out the Shield Skill under a different vocation). Fortunately they can equip many of the heavier armor that warriors and paladins wear.

Until the Gladiator has a maxed out Shield skill and acquired the skill Omnivoctional Shieldmaster, Gladiators cannot equip a shield.  This can lower their Defense relative to Warriors.  However, their vastly increased damage output more than makes up for it.

They have the unique skill set "Guts." Their Coup-de-Grace is "Tension Boost," which increases their tension to at least 50 (if not 100).

Gladiators have the highest base Strength rating of all the classes, with 500 Strength at level 99 (discounting any stat modifications and weapon bonuses). Compared to the Warrior class, Gladiators have more Agility and Deftness, but suffer from less MP, Resilience, and Charm. Both classes are equal in their Magical Might and Mending, with both having a base value of 0 in both stats, even at level 99.

The Gladiator class is an excellent upgrade from the Warrior class for those seeking to increase damage output at the expense of Resilience and HP. The lower MP is negligible due to the fact that Gladiators only use MP in battle to use specialized weapons or Guts skills.  If a magic user in the party has the Virtue skill "M-Pathy" they can easily refill the Gladiator's meager MP

Gladiators will usually hold your most powerful weapon and be the target of your damage-increasing spells in battle. Those wishing to fight the strongest bosses in the game should include a Gladiator in their party unless they have a defensive-based strategy.

The Gladiator vocation is unlocked by completing the following quest:


Required points Name Effects
4Natural Max HP +10Permanently adds 10 to Max HP.
10Clap TrapStrikes an enemy.
16Natural Strength +10Permanently adds 10 to strength.
22Double UpIncreases attack at the cost of defense.
32Natural Max HP +20Permanently adds 20 to Max HP.
42Double Edged SlashDeals high damage but harms user with recoil damage.
55Natural Strength +30Permanently adds 30 to strength.
68Blind Man's BiffAttacks one random opponent with Great Strength.
82Natural Max HP +30Permanently adds 30 to Max HP.
100Feel the BurnIncreases tension every time the user is hit.


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