Gold bar
DQVIII - Gold bar
Japanese name きんかい
Rōmaji Kin kai
Introduced in VIII

A Gold bar is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is used in alchemy and tempering to create powerful items, especially if combined with Orichalcum or Slime Crown.


Dragon Quest VIII

In Dragon Quest VIII, Gold Nugget is a rare item used in alchemy. In main game player can pick up 2 gold nuggets from treasure chests from Godbird's Eyrie in World of Dark and World of Light. One more is given to player by Princess Minnie after collecting 52 Mini Medals. In alchemy it's an ingredient of Sage's Stone, Golden Tiara and Golden Axe.

Dragon Quest IX

A piece of pure gold that's heart-warmingly heavy. Alchemise it. It sells for 5000 gold coins on dragon Quest IX.

Dropped by Gem Jamborees (RARE) and Gem Slimes (REGULAR)

Dragon Quest Swords

Gold Bar is used as an ingredient for sword tempering.

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