Gold circlet
Japanese name きんのサークレット
Rōmaji Kin no sākuretto
Introduced in IX

The Gold circlet is a piece of headgear that can be alchemised in Dragon Quest IX. It can be equipped by Priests, Mages, Minstrels, Armamentalists, Sages and Luminaries. It gives 11 defense and magical might and 9 magical mending.

Description: "An elegant accessory made from an expensive metal."

This can be made with the following ingredients:

  • 1 Circlet (Bloomingdale armour shop)
  • 1 Gold ring (Stornway/Porth Llaffan/Dourbridge item shop)
  • 1 Gold bracer (Porth Llaffan/Dourbridge item shop)
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