The golden orb is a key item in Dragon Quest V. It is utilized along with the silver orb to make the fortress of Zenithia fly. It is acquired early in the game, but is then lost and must be recovered again later in order to raise Zenithia.


The golden orb is given to the hero by the ghost of Miss Count in Uptaten Towers. She gives it to the hero and Bianca after they successfully rid the castle of ghosts. This event takes place in the first era of the game when the hero is just a child.


When the hero encounters Ladja in the first era, Ladja takes the orb and smashes it. This is the final event of the first era.


After visiting Zenithia with Dr. Agon, the hero learns that the orb is needed to raise the city from underwater. As a result, the hero visits the fairy castle where he is able to use a magical painting to travel back in time. Once in Whealbrook using time travel, the hero finds his younger self and switches the orb for a golden bauble. Hence, the item destroyed by Ladja is a fake. The hero returns to the third era and uses the orb to raise Zenithia.