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"Almighty Alchemy"

The Gott Schliemen is a tank of Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The Krak Pot united the Schleiman tank and the Schwarzman tank to create it, so Rocket and Slival could fight Flucifer (The Dark One). It resembles a grey Slime with paws, a golden tail, golden wings, and a helmet with a falcon face. The inside of it is similar to the one of a ordinary tank.

After beating the Ultimate Rank of Tank Masters, the Gott Schliemen will be unlocked to play (in modes in which other tanks can be selected).


  • The tank's "slogan" can't be seen in the final battle (the first time it can be used).
  • Gott Schliemen is German for 'God Slime', referencing its appearance and its role in the game as the defeater of Flucifer.
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