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Monster Info
Great troll
DQ9 GreatTroll
Family Demon family
Introduced in Dragon Quest III

Greattroll DQIII NESGreat troll

The Great Troll is ususally the strongest of the Troll family,surpassing the Troll and the Boss Troll. The most common trait among the species is their high HP, chance of missing an attack or skipping a turn and licking their trademark weapon of choice; a spiked wooden club. The Great Troll has a humanoid purple-covered body, and wears a yellowish-brown fur toga.


Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

#196 - Great Troll
DQ9 GreatTroll
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 768
MP 36
Attack 220
Defense 132
Agility 107
Experience 3800
Gold 78
Dropped Item Special medicine (common, 1/16)
Marauder's maul (rare, 1/128)
Skills "Licks its club and laughs"
Family Demon
Description Kings among trolls, they might be big dunces, but their insane stamina more than makes up for it.

They use their strength to keep the other trolls down, but can't quite fit their heads into their tiny heads.
Haunts Realm of the Mighty
Ondor Cliffs (high ground)

Great Trolls are part of the Demon Family, and can be found in the Realm of the Mighty, during Corvus' invasion. They spawn constantly in the room with the locked jail cells, along with some other monsters.

They are included as a hunt during the vocational quest "Sages in the Pages", in which 5 of them must be killed with the Frizz spell.

One strategy for completing this quest is to have a level 30+ Martial Artist with Fire Claws use "HardClaw" 3 times, dealing about 600 damage while your main character eggs on your mage (other party members can use defend during this time). Then, your mage would use Frizz, dealing about 150 or so damage depending on the level (suggested level of at least 25) and the troll will die.

In Dragon Quest IX, the Great troll is surpassed only by the Terror Troll, which is found in high-level grottos.

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