Gringham whip
DQVIII - Gringham whip
Japanese name グリンガムのムチ
Rōmaji Guringamunomuchi
Introduced in V
Gringham whip
The Gringham Whip is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series franchise.


Dragon Quest IV

The gringham whip has an attack bonus of +125, and hits an entire group. It can only be wielded by Alena, Maya, and Meena.

You can receive the whip by collecting 60 mini medals and visiting Minikin's Castle. You need to play Chapter 6 in order to have enough mini medals.

Dragon Quest V

In Dragon Quest V the Gringham Whip is a weapon only obtainable from the casino for the price of 250,000 casino tokens. It gives an attack bonus of 100 and can be equipped by Debora, Bianca and Nera. Being a whip it also gives the ability to hit a whole group of enemies with a normal attack alike other whips in the series.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

Gringham whip
   Name: Gringham Whip
   Desc: A fantastic flail that can attack all foes at once.
 Attack: 118
 Rarity: 4 stars
  Found: Grotto (1% chance from S ranked chests)
 Recipe: Giga Gringham Whip x 1, Reset Stone x 1
Upgrade: Mix with Green Orb x 1, Agate of Evolution x 1
    Buy: N/A
   Sell: 20000 gold


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