Großmesser is a boss in Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors.

An agent of Xiphos the Deathbringer, he is encountered at the top of the Tower of Mirrors, which the Hero's party ascends in hopes of encountering the evil demon. He reveals himself briefly, only to sic Großmesser on them, who postures at length before engaging them in battle.

Großmesser attacks the Hero and his companion by breathing fire, attacking with his trident, and summoning small flying enemies who hurl themselves at the pair. When Großmesser finds himself weakened, these enemies also bring around a cage-like device that restores a portion of his health; this process can be interrupted using a Master Stroke.

In keeping with the Dragon Quest Swords quirk of all characters being named after a type of sword, a großes Messer is a type of German single-edged sword, similar to a falchion.


  • During his appearance, he makes a reference to the weapon he is named after. After introducing himself, he then says "I know vot you are sinking. Vy do I haf a big fork, not a big knife? Vell, I just do, ja!"
  • Before the fight he will sing "Fünf kleine Menschen schauen in den Spiegel!" which is German for "five little people looking in the Mirror!"
  • When you translate "Großmesser" in German it means "large knife" in English.
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