Hades' helm
DQVIII - Hades' helm
Japanese name サタンヘルム
Rōmaji Satanherumu
Introduced in V

The Hades' Helm is a cursed item that first appears in Dragon Quest V. It is a blue helmet with yellow horn-like protrusions and has a golden mask displaying two glowing red eyes the covers the player's eyes. Despite being labeled as a cursed item, the "curse" has no effect whatsoever. However, like all cursed items, this item cannot be inequipped except with the "Benediction" spell.

Stat Boosts:

Defense: 22

It later appears cursed again in Dragon Quest IX, only being able to be worn normally with Saint's ashes. It has a small chance of stopping the character wearing it from attacking.

Found in a red chest in Magmaroo mountain across a patch of lava.

Only equippable by the warrior class but later on, as you unlock more classes, it will be able to be worn by gladiators and paladins.

Other languages

Other languages
French Heaume d'Hadès
German Unknown
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