Hades' helm
DQVIII - Hades' helm
Japanese name サタンヘルム
Rōmaji Satanherumu
Introduced in V

The Hades' Helm is a cursed item that first appears in Dragon Quest V. It is a blue helmet with yellow horn-like protrusions and has a golden mask displaying two glowing red eyes the covers the player's eyes. Despite being labeled as a cursed item, the "curse" has no effect whatsoever. However, like all cursed items, this item cannot be inequipped except with the "Benediction" spell.

Stat Boosts:

Defense: 22

It later appears cursed again in Dragon Quest IX, only being able to be worn normally with Saint's ashes. It has a small chance of stopping the character wearing it from attacking.

Found in a red chest in Magmaroo mountain across a patch of lava.

Only equippable by the warrior class but later on, as you unlock more classes, it will be able to be worn by gladiators and paladins.

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