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Hades Nelgel
Dragon Quest X
DQX - Hades Nelgel - Second Forme
Japanese name 冥王ネルゲル
Rōmaji Míngwángnerugeru
Gender Male
Title(s) Lord of Hell
Race(s) Unknown
Age Approximately 500

Hades Nelgel is the primary antagonist and final boss in the first version of X.


Hades Nelgel has a rather dandified appearance, with purple skin and a young man's visage, white long hair and goat-like horns. He wears a green striped suit with a cape and an animal skull ornament at the chest. He bears a scythe that can cut through dimensions.




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The name "Nelgel" is a possible bastardization of Nergal, the name of a deity often portrayed as demon working closely with Satan. This is rather fitting, given how Hades Nelgel's actions were completely by order of his leader, Madesagora.


  • Although numerous romanizations of ネルゲル can be found across the Internet, the romanization "Nelgel" appears to be the most agreed upon among fans.
  • Hades Nelgel's appearance and overall demeanor is reminiscent to that of Orgodemir, and bears a strong resemblance to Whis from Dragon Ball Z.


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