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Hamlin is a village in central Torland. It is a key location in Dragon Quest II.


Hamlin is the meeting point for the 2 princes and the Princess of Moonbrooke. After obtaining the Mirror of Ra the princes can use it on a dog in Hamlin to break Hargon's spell and reveal that it is really the princess.

Hamlin is also home to the Water Crest. It is hidden behind a Golden Key door and a Jailers Key door. The heroes must then fight 2 Grimlins and search the empty cell to find it. The location of this crest is hinted by a man in Beran.

Hamlin serves as a central location for several quests during Dragon Quest II. Specifically, obtaining the Princess of Moonbrooke, retrieving the Cloak of Wind, and departing for Lianport.


12g/person (Dragon Quest II,NES)
12g/person (Dragon Quest II,GBC)

Armor Shop

Dragon Quest II (NES, GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Chain Sickle (Sickle) 390 (330) G +15 Attack
Iron Spear (Spear) 770 G +20 Attack
Broad Sword (Steel Sword) 1500 G +30 Attack
Chain Mail 480 G +12 Defense
Full Plate Armor (Steel Armor) 1000 G +25 Defense
Steel Shield 2000 G +10 Defense

Item Shop

Dragon Quest II (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Medical Herb 15 G Heals a small amount of HP
Antidote Herb 8 G Cures poison
Fairy Water 40 G Repels monsters
Wing of the Wyvern 80 G Returns you to your last save location

Dragon Quest II (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 10 G Heals a small amount of HP
Antidote 8 G Cures poison
Repellent 40 G Repels monsters
Warp Wing 25 G Returns you to your last save location
Leather Shield 90 G +4 Defense
Knife 200 G +12 Attack


   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Lottery icon    The lottery can be played at this location.

   Bank icon    This location includes a bank or vault.

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