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Handsome crab
DQIX - Handsome crab
Japanese name ガニラス
Rōmaji Ganirasu
Family Aquatic
Introduced in III

Handsome crab (formerly Crabus) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.





#137 - Handsome crab
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 121
MP 6
Attack 68
Defense 195
Agility 56
Experience 1350
Gold 156
Dropped Item Resurrock (common, 1/32)
Deadly nightblade (rare, 1/128)
Skills Critical strike
Family Aquatics
Description Deft defenders and cool critical critters, these colossal crabs are the scourge of the seas. Flash-fry them with a little fire.

Every full moon, they assemble under the ocean and quiety clack their claws to mark the start of their monthly meeting.

Haunts Lonely Coast
Pluvi Isle


Joker 3

The Last Hope

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