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Dragon Quest II
DQII - Hargon
Japanese name ハーゴン
Rōmaji Hagon
Gender Male
Race(s) Unknown
Age Unknown

Hargon is the primary antagonist of II and a recurring character in the Dragon Quest game series series. He is a corrupt cleric that plans to summon Malroth, a god of destruction.


Hargon is a blue skinned humanoid being who wields a crystal-ball-topped staff in his right hand. On his head he wears a finned helmet bearing a circular gem at the forehead, around his neck a necklace with a crystal adornment, and has a shroud draped over his body that prominently shows off a stylized bat. He also has sandals.


Hargon is as arrogant and indignant as one becoming a villain. He is also a potent sorcerer, able to cast powerful magic and invoke terrible curses on those that would defy him.



Main Games


Hargon is established as the big villain at the start of the game, his minions attacking the kingdom of Moonbrooke and leaving only one soldier to struggle to Lorasia to deliver news of the attack before perishing from the hardships endured. The Princess of Moonbrooke, one of the descendants of Roto, manages to survive the assault but is cursed by Hargon into the form of a dog. The Prince of Lorasia is sent out to stop Hargon, and he later gains the support of the Prince of Cannock and Princess of Moonbrooke (the latter after freeing her from her curse).

Hargon is later defeated by the heroes in his castle, which sits on the Plateau of Rhone. In his last breath, Hargon offers himself to Malroth as a sacrifice and dies. This act of defiance allows Malroth to come forth into the world, triggering the final boss battle.

Side Games

Monsters 2

Hargon can be obtained by breeding Whiteking + Metalking


While not an obtainable monster in the game nor one that is even seen, Hargon is mentioned in the library entry for Atlas.

Joker 2

Hargon can be synthesized in this game.

Recipe: Dierantula x Dhuran


Dragon Quest

Main article: Hargon (Dragon Quest)



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