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Dragon Quest V
Japanese name ヘンリー
Rōmaji Henrī
Gender Male
Title(s) Prince
Class Warrior
Race(s) Human
Age 6 (First era)
16 (Second era)
22 (Third Era)
Family Maria (Wife)
Kendrick (Son)
Wilbur (Half-brother)
Joshua (Brother-in-law)

Harry is the prince of Coburg in V. He is kidnapped and sold into slavery along with the Hero at the end of the first era of the game.


When the hero first meets Harry he was selfish and he constantly played pranks on the workers of Coburg castle. Some servants suggest his pranks are a way of seeking attention as his mother had passed away early in his life and his father was too busy with the country's affairs to look after Harry.



Main Games


After Harry and the Hero escape from slavery, during the second era, they find that Harry has matured quite a lot because of the death of Pankraz and his ordeals as a slave. He is at first reluctant to go back to Coburg but after hearing the rumours of the place he decides to go there with the hero. In Harry's absence Wilbur, Harry's younger half-brother, has become king but it seems more like his mother was running the country. They soon discover that the queen was a fake and was indeed a monster called the Faux Dowager. The Hero and Harry both confront the monster and defeat it. After that Harry leaves the hero to stay at Coburg in order to become King Wilbur's adviser. He later marries Maria, another slave Harry and the hero escaped with.

In the third era Harry and Maria have a son called Kendrick  whom Wilbur had named successor to the throne. Kendrick is just like his father was as a child, both in appearance and personality.



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