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Japanese ホイミ
Rōmaji Hoimi
Type Recovery
MP 4*
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Heal is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.


Dragon Quest

Heal is learned at level 3. The spell restores at least 30 HP units.


The Prince of Cannock knows the spell upon being recruited. The spell restores at least 30 HP.


Immediate Priest know Heal at level one, while those becoming a Priest or a Sage will learn it at level 2.

The Hero learns it at level 4, though through use of a glitch can obtain it in his/her battle spell inventory at level 1. Though among other side effects, it will prevent the spell from being learn in the field. The glitch is only in the NES Version.

The spell restores at least 30 HP units. It can also cause damage to Zoma after the Sphere of Light is used on him.


Heal is known already by Kiryl and Meena, as well as NPC characters Healie and Laurel. The spell restores at least 30 HP units.

Unlike the NES Version, the remakes of the game make it possible to have Healie and Laurel use Heal manually.


The basic Heal is learned by several classes at lower levels. It restores at least 30 HP.


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