Hela's hammer
Japanese name まじんのかなづち
Rōmaji Majin no kanadzuchi
Introduced in IV
Helas hammer
Hela's Hammer
is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series franchise.


Dragon Quest IV

Hela's hammer has an attack bonus of +40 and lands critacil hits mostly....but it is cursed.

The curse is that your hit rate goes down

Dragon Quest V

It's not cursed anymore in this game and in future titles.

Dragon Quest IX

Hela's hammer is one of the rarest items you can get in dragon quest ix. Alchemizing it is NOT recommended, for it becomes weaker through alchemy. In Dragon Quest IX, it is not cursed, but instead misses 30% of the time. It can kill an enemy in one hit.(by hitting a vital spot, like the demon spear)

Alchemy can be used to turn it in to a:

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