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#291 - HellCloud
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 3000
MP 255
Experience 2160
Gold 604
Skills Call For Help (BabyCloud)
Two Turns
Family Elemental
Haunts Lefa Shrine

The HellCloud is a boss is the game Dragon Quest VII.


The HellCloud is a tough boss. He can attack twice in one round. The HellCloud can use wind based attack like Vacuum, that hits all of the party for about ~60HP, and Windbeast, that hits one party member for ~80HP. He can also summon BabyClouds that make this fight more difficult.

Attacks that hit more than one enemy are a help. The Flame Boomerang that can be bought in Gorges is also helpful because it hits all enemies with decreasing damage. The Boom spell is effective as well. However, Howl and Stampede doesn't work on the Hellcloud. Physical attackers should focus their attacks on the HellCloud or use Sword Dance. Magic uses should heal, buff the party, and use group spells on the BabyClouds or spells that attack all enemies.

Make sure that you keep your party's health is above ~80HP and that you are sufficiently buffed to achieve victory.

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