Dragon Quest VI
Japanese name 主人公
Rōmaji Shujinkō
Gender Male
Title(s) Village Lad/Prince of Somnia
Class Hero
Race(s) Human
Age 17
Family King Somnus - Father (real)
Queen Apnea - Mother (real)
Princess Sarah - Deceased Sister (real)
Tania - Sister (surrogate)

Hero is a country villager from the town of Weaver's Peak in the country of Somnia. As customary, he represents the player, which is why he must be named by him/her and does not speak; although he is called Reck in Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road. Troubled by intense amnesia and a haunting dream involving the Dread Fiend Murdaw, the Hero sets out early on with the hopes of defeating the Dread Fiend and learning the truth.


The Hero has spiky blue hair that gives him a striking resemblance to Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. He wears two gold earrings and has a gold band on his neck and right arm. He is also wearing brown fingerless gloves. The sheath of his sword is slung over his right shoulder. He has purple shorts underneath his orange tunic, over which he wears a green vest. His belt has a dragon insignia on the buckle. His lower legs are wrapped in white cloth. and his black boots have yellow tips.


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Main Games


Upon the defeat of Murdaw, the truth behind the Hero's amnesia is revealed: the Hero was once the Prince of Somnia, who had his Dream self banished from his body during his first fight with Murdaw.Armed with this knowledge, the Hero and his party set out to find the Hero's Real World body, defeating the 3 other Dread Fiends and discovering the Legendary Equipment along the way. After finding his real body alive and well in Weaver's Peak, the Hero attempts to merge with it, but his real self refuses. It is only after a Monster attack on Weaver's Peak - both Hero's surrogate home - that the real Hero agrees to merge with his Dream Self. By doing so, the Hero regains some of his banished powers and is able to save the villagers. If the Hero talks to his real world counterpart before tackling the final monster, he merges with himself and learns Zap. This also changes his title to Prince of Somnia.

The final leg of the Hero's journey is the search for the source of the Monsters still roaming the land. Contrary to popular belief, the defeat of the Dread Fiends didn't stop the flow of Monsters, it increased it. Knowing that the source of the Monsters must be stronger than all the Dread Fiends combined, the Hero and crew eventually learn of the Dread Realm, a world said to be occupied by the Archfiend Mortamor. After entering the Dread World and winning a grueling fight against Mortamor, the Hero finally rescues both the Dream World and the Real World from the threat of complete annihilation.


Land of Illusion

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Like all party members in Dragon Quest VI, the Hero is capable of taking up any Vocation after Alltrades Abbey is restored. Unlike other party members, the Hero only needs to master 1 Advanced Vocation (excluding Armamentalist and Paladin) to take up the Hero Class.


He also learns several unique abilities regardless of class:


He also learns several spells regardless of class:


  • The Hero is also the only party member who can equip the Legendary equipment, and cannot be removed from the party or wagon.
  • The hero has many official names in Japanese. The default name for him in the games is Rek (レック). In the CD theater drama, his name is Will (ウィル). In the manga, his name is Botts (ボッツ). In the novelization, his name is Iza (イザ).


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