Dragon Quest VII
Sprite(s) Dq7 hero-sprite
Japanese name 主人公
Rōmaji Shujinkō
Gender Male
Title(s) Fisherman's Son
Class Unknown
Race(s) Human
Age 16
Family Pollock (father)
Pearl (mother)
Pike (uncle)

An ordinary boy living in a tiny fishing village. Your father is counting on you to succeed him as a great fisherman. You're a bit too nice for your own good, and often get taken advantaged of by your friend, Maribel.

--Description from the Dragon Quest VII instructional manual.

Hero of VII is the son of a prominent fisherman and the game's main protagonist. He is friends with Prince Kiefer of Estard Castle and a young woman named Maribel who travel with him to find shards to restore the world to its former glory. Though the Hero doesn't have a name and can only be given a name by the player, the Hero has a default name, Auster (formerly Arus).


The Hero of VII is dressed in a green tunic, complete with a green hat that is the source of ridicule from Maribel. This hat covers his black messy hair. In some of the character art, he is depicted with an iguana.


As tradition of the Dragon Quest series, the hero has no personality to speak because he is the personification of the player. He may only communicate by answering "Yes" or "No" when prompted. However, he is generally liked by the people of Pilchard Bay and Estard. He is somewhat of a late sleeper, to his mother's consternation. He also has a problem refusing people's requests and is constantly bullied into doing stuff by Maribel or Pike.



Main Games


The game begins with the Hero and Kiefer finishing their exploration of the ruins as the sun goes down on the island. Later on that night, Maribel asks the Hero what he was doing. Regardless the answer, Maribel will not be pleased and she tells him that she will find out what he is doing sooner or later.

Morning breaks and he is awakened by Pearl, his mother, who scolds him. She gives him a fish sub and tell the Hero to deliver it to his father, Pollock. The Hero does so and is ordered by his father to clean up the ship's interior. While there, he finds Maribel trying to stow away on the ship. She tries to convince the Hero not to rat her out when she is also discovered by the ship's cook who throws out the young woman. After this, Pollock tells the Hero that he is not ready to come with him. He tells the Hero to look after his mother while she is preparing for the Amitt Harvest. The Hero exits the ship and watches it depart.

Afterwards, he is approached by a soldier from Estard Castle. He tells the Hero that the King Burns wishes to speak to him. After the message was delivered, the Hero prepares to leave when Maribel approaches him. Overhearing this, she imposes herself on the Hero and the two head to Estard Castle Town. They arrive without any problems and Maribel leaves to look at dresses.

The Hero enters the castle to speak with King Burns. The king asks him about Kiefer, his son, and his whereabouts. Regardless of the answer, the king will be agitated by the answer. He explains that Kiefer stole the Sunstone, his mother's ring.

After his meeting with the king, the Hero goes to find Kiefer who is at the ruins, who has already tried the Sunstone on the statue in the Ruins. It has no effect at all. Kiefer tells the Hero about what he had found out in the library and explains that this must have something to do with the ruins. He gives the Hero the scroll and asks him to figure out something with it.

The Hero heads to the Sage on the Cliff and give him the scroll. The Sage tells the Hero that he can translate this document. The Hero goes to find Kiefer so that they can hear the explanation.

Armed with the information, the pair head back to ruins and open it. After solving the secret of the ruins, they enter the Pedestal Room. They find two Landshards but are unable to complete the pictograph without a final piece. Having done all that can be done at that point, the two leave the ruins and head back to their respective rooms.

When the Hero returns home, he is greeted by Pollock. He tells the Hero that he had found something interesting. He gives the Hero a Landshard. With the final piece, the Hero finds Kiefer and they head back to the ruins.

When the boys get there, they are confronted by Maribel who threatens to expose their secret unless they take her with them. Having no other options, they agree. The trio get to the Pedestal Room and place the final piece in the Pedestal. An amazing thing happens. The trio are sent to the past.

From there, they go on many adventures to restore the world to its former glory.


Warriors of Eden

Main article: Arus (Warriors of Eden)

Skills & Abilities

The Hero learns the following abilities naturally.

Level Skill/Spell MP Required Target Info Twinhits
3 Heal 2 One Ally Restores 30HP to a single character N/A
6 Buff 3 One Ally Increases a single character's defense N/A
8 Zoom 1 Field Spell Returns the party to any previously visited town (Does not work indoors) (Does not work in the past) N/A
12 Midheal 4 One Ally Restores 80HP to a single character N/A
28 Evac 8 Field Spell Allows the party to escape dungeons, cave, etc N/A
Event The Great Leveller 15 One Enemy Prevents a single enemy from using spells N/A
Event The Greater Leveller 20 All Enemies Prevents all enemies from using spells for a couple of turns N/A


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