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Monster Info
Hex hellmet
DQVDS - Hex hellmet
Japanese name のろいのマスク
Rōmaji Mask of curse
Family Demon
Introduced in V

Hex hellmet (formerly Cursed Mask) is a monster who appears in V.




Hex hellmet
Game Appearance V
Console DS
HP  ???
MP  ???
Attack  ???
Defense  ???
Agility  ???
Experience  ???
Gold  ???
Dropped Item  ???
Skills  ???
Spells  ???
Family  ???
Haunts  ???

Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key


A hex is normally a form of curse, which the monster is capably of casting. The term helmet is actually spelled with only one 'L', the additional 'L' possibly added to indicate a hellishness in the monster, if not simply being a typo.

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