Hocus chimaera
DQVIII - Hocus chimaera
Japanese name メイジキメラ
Rōmaji Meijikimera
Family Bird
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Hocus chimaera (formerly Magiwyvern and MagiWyvern) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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Dragon Quest

Magiwyvern (MagWyvern)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest
Console NES, SNES, GBC
HP 58 (NES)
50 (SNES)
MP 12
Attack 78 (NES)
68 (SNES)
Defense 68 (NES)
62 (SNES)
Agility 44
Experience 34 (NES)
83 (SNES)
Gold 140 (NES)
135 (SNES)
Spells Sleep, Heal (Remakes only)


#121 - Magiwyvern (MagWyvern)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest III
Console NES, GBC
HP 100
MP 53
Attack 105
Defense 80
Agility 150
Experience 2987 (NES)
2240 (GBC)
Gold 150 (NES)
125 (GBC)
Dropped Item Mysterious Hat (Magic Hat)
Spells Bounce, Chaos (PanicAll), HealAll
Haunts Alefgard, Rubiss Tower


#105 - Magiwyvern (Hocus Chimaera)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest V
Console SNES, DS
HP 99
MP 50
Attack 82
Defense 67
Agility 57 (SNES)
63 (DS)
Experience 181 (SNES)
171 (DS)
Gold 65
Dropped Item Wing of Wyvern
Spells Firebal, IceBolt, Surround, Heal


#99 - MagWyvern
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 95
MP 15
Attack 87
Defense 77
Agility 77
Experience 65
Gold 51
Dropped Item Warp Wing
Skills Blaze Air
Family Avian
Haunts Gorges


#133 - Hocus Chimaera
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
HP 108
MP 8
Attack 106
Defense 108
Agility 98
Experience 115
Gold 35
Haunts East Argonia


#076 - Hocus Chimaera
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 80
MP 12
Attack 80
Defense 80
Agility 86
Experience 288
Gold 126
Dropped Item Chimaera Wing (common, 1/16)
Prayer Ring (rare, 1/128)
Spells Midheal
Description Blazing-breathed mountain birds of the chimaera family who are tough against fire, and may lay some good eggstras when licked.

Their sepia tone puts people in a misty-eyed mind of yesteryear, but they themselves are young, dump, and full of fun.

Haunts Heights of Loneliness
Bloomingdale (lighthouse)
Djust Desert

Super Light

Monster Battle Road II Legends

Monster Battle Road Victory

Yomigaerishi Densetsu no Ken

The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Gwwwah! Waaagh!"

-"Ba-Ba-Ba-Bazoom! Gwwwah!"

-"Gwwwah! Gwwwah! Whooosh!"

Other languages

Other languages
French Archimère
Spanish Quimera Engañosa

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