Dragon Quest V
Honey DQV
Japanese name ベラ
Rōmaji Bera
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown
Class Unknown
Race(s) Faerie
Age Unknown
Family Unknown

Honey is a fairy and temporary party member in V. She joins the Hero during his first visit to Fairy Lae. After helping to retrieve the flute of spring, she remains in Fairy Lae when the Hero returns to the normal world.





Main Games


After committing some pranks, Honey can be found in the bar. Only the hero can see her, and she asks that he meet her in the cellar of his house so she can explain who she is. Once there, she explains that she is a faerie and that her home is in terrible danger and that she was sent to the human world to find help, but no one else could hear her. She then makes a path to her world which the hero immediately follows.

She takes him to meet Treacle, who had sent her to find someone. She welcomes the hero to Faerie Lea, the home of the faeries, and that he must have special powers if he can see them. She asks for his assistance, as one of their greatest treasures, the Herald of Spring was stolen. It was used to summon spring, and without it winter will continue forever. After agreeing to help, she tells Honey to assist him.

Honey accompanies the hero in retrieving it. When they're successful and the hero's about to return home, she gives the hero a stick and tells him that she'll never forget him.


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