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Monster Info
Japanese name ゲルニック将軍
Romanji General Gerunik
Family Bird Family
Sub-type Owl
Introduced in Dragon Quest IX

Lieutenant Hootingham-Gore is a boss in Dragon Quest IX. He is the first of the Triumgorate to be encountered, but the second to be fought, after Goreham-Hogg. As with the other Triumgorate members, he was killed by Greygnarl three hundred years ago but was revived by Corvus. After being resurrected, he became part bird.


Hootingham-Gore is first seen, riding on the back of Barbarus, after obtaining all the Fyggs and returning back to the Observatory. He attacks the Starflight Express after a traitorous Aquila forces the player to hand over the Fyggs.

Afterwards, after the events in the Gortress, Hootingham-Gore is found guarding the entrance to Gittingham Palace. It is here he is finally fought, alongside two Bad Karmour.

Hootingham-Gore is then brought back to life in the Realm of the Mighty, along with the rest of the Triumgorate. This marks his final appearance.


Though Hootingham-Gore has low HP, the two Bad Karmours that accompany him can make the fight hard. Take them out first, as they can use Helm Splitter to lower your defence, and sometimes protect Hootingham-Gore from attacks.

Once they are gone, Hootingham-Gore is fairly easy. He can use the Fuddle (inflicts confusion) and Divine Intervention (lowers resistance to magic) spells, which rarely work, and the fairly weak Frizzle and Swoosh spells. He can also cast Bounce on himself, so focus on using physical attacks while keeping healed, and he will fall easily enough.

Amusingly, if all of your characters are under the effects of Bounce or Magic Mirror, then Hootingham-Gore will start using physical attacks, which do negligible damage, especially when Buffed.

#271 - Hootingham-Gore
Bird Family
HootinghamGore HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1854 255 125 238 148
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Sage's elixir (100%)
18500 4050 G
Description: One of the Triumgorate. Used stolen celestial power to bring back Barbarus and bend him to the will of the Empire. Threw his lot in with the ghastly Gittish Empire three hundred years ago, and was brought back as a beastly bird.
Encountered at Gittingham Palace - Entrance

#186 - Bad karmour
Material Family
DQ9BadKarmour HP MP Attack Defense Agility
360 132 161 262 98
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Iron ore
Headwear Hades' Helm
2280 132 G
Note:Two accompany Hootingham-Gore

In this encounter, he is a lot easier, as he has much less HP and does not have any allies with him. Using physical attacks he will fall fairly quickly.

#271 - Hootingham-Gore
Bird Family
HootinghamGore HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1027 255 125 238 156
Exp Gold Drop Item icon malicite (100%)
16500 0 G
Description: Mini-boss, pretty much the same as it was except its HP is less, Agility is a little more, and it gives less reward upon defeat.
Encountered at Realm of the Mighty - L8

Attributes Resistance

Attributes Resistance
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark Blast
100 100 50 125 150 50 125
Illusion Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion Silent Petrify
25 0 0 100 0 0 25
Paralyze Poison Attract Attack ↓ Defense ↓ Agility ↓ Magic Res ↓
0 0 5 50 25 25 50

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