Hunter's bow
DQVIII - Hunter's bow
Japanese name クロスボウ
Rōmaji Kurosubō
Introduced in IV PS1

The Hunter's bow is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series, first debuting in Dragon Quest VI.



The hunter's bow has an attack bonus of +18. It can be purchased for 350 gold coins, and sold for 262.

The weapon only appears in the PlayStation and Nintendo DS version in place of the Boomerang which was in the Nintendo Version.


"A standard bow, popular among adventurers for its blend of power and convenience."

Attack: 30

Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Strength Ring

It is used in Alchemy to create Ero's Bow.


Hunter's bow

A strong bow that deals a strong blow and is well-loved by warriors.

The hunters bow is a bow that is dropped by hunter mechs (1/64).

It gives a +57 attack when equiped by classes like Rangers, Armamentalists or Sages.

It can be bought at Batsureg weapon shop for 4900G and sold for 2450G.

It can be made with alchemy using:

1x Longbow and 1x Chain whip


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