Icicle dirk
DQVIII - Icicle dirk
Japanese name こおりのやいば
Rōmaji Kōri no yaiba
Introduced in IV

The Icicle dirk (or Ice Claw in older localizations) is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest franchise. This icy dagger can cast Crackle when used in battle, and deal an extra bit of chilly damage in certain titles.


Dragon Quest IV

The icicle dirk has an attack bonus of +75. It can only be equipped by the HeroRagnar, and Psaro.

Dragon Quest V

The icicle dirk has an attack bonus of +70. It can only be used certain monster companions.

Dragon Quest VI

Equippable by Carver and Ashlynn, the icicle dirk provides +62 attack and +31 style. When it strikes an enemy, the blade deals an extra 50% damage, modified by the monster's resistance to Crack.

Dragon Quest VII

The ice claw has an attack bonus of +62 and an style bonus of +31. It can only be equipped by Ruff, and features the same extra damage parameters as before.

Dragon Quest VIII

The icicle dirk has an attack bonus of +52. It can only be equipped by Jessica, and casts crack on the target at half the strength of the physical blow. The dirk can be found in Herb Grotto and the Black Citadel.

It sells for 4,000 Gold Coins and can be used to make the following recipes through Alchemy:

Dragon Quest IX

The icicle dirk has an attack bonus of +62, and will spear a group of foes with ice crystals for 25~35 damage when used as an item in battle. It can be upgraded into the Fenrir fang when combined with five ice crystals and three magic beast horns. The new weapon will have an attack bonus of +80, and also target groups when used as an item.


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