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Infant Isle

Infant Isle is one of the islands of Green Bays Archipelago in Joker.


Infant Isle is a grassy island with a giant tree in the center, and the second island you'll visit on your journey, with an island ranking of F. Since it is the first island inhabited by monsters, the monsters here are mostly rank F, but don't get too comfortable; likely one of the first monsters you'll see is a rank A Gigantes, which will absolutely wreck any beginners. At the top there is a small temple meant to worship the Incarnus.

Monsters (main island)




Monsters (small island)




  • The small island to the west is not unlocked until you battle Dr. Snap on Xeroph Isle.
  • There is a tent on the west side of the island that hosts the Monster Scout Proficiency Test (as well as the advanced version of that test later in the game).
  • This is the only island (aside from Domus Isle) which doesn't have an official shrine or boss.
    • However, the temple at the top might be considered a shrine, and the Gigantes a boss.


  • Like all the islands, Infant Isle's name is a play-on-words. It is based on the word "infantile" which means childish. This is a reference to how Infant Isle is the beginner's island, and most of the monsters on it are very weak in comparison to other islands.
  • Near where the Gigantes spawns, there are a lot of rocks (including one shaped like a slime) and a smoking campfire, as well as a giant wooden club. This is likely its home, but it is unknown where he goes at night, since he cannot be seen then.

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