Infernal armour
DQVIII - Infernal armour
Japanese name じごくのよろい
Rōmaji Ji goku no yoroi
Family Material
Introduced in III

Infernal armour (formerly Infernus Knight, Aero Nite, Hellnite and HellArmor) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.



Infernus Knight
Game Appearance III
Console NES, SNES, GBC
HP 60
MP 0
Attack 80 (NES)

90 (SNES)

Defense 100
Agility 23
Experience 420 (NES)

315 (SNES)

Gold 57 (NES)

30 (SNES)

Dropped Item Iron Armor
Locations around Edinbear, Pirate House and Samanao


#75 - Infernus Knight (Infernal Armour)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IV
Console NES, DS
HP 58
MP 0
Attack 63
Defense 63
Agility 24
Experience 77
Gold 76


#88 - Infernal Armour
Game Appearance [[Dragon Quest VIII]]
Console PS2
HP 88
MP 0
Attack 83
Defense 86
Agility 47
Experience 90
Gold 19
Dropped Item Iron Armour (common)
Steel Broadsword (rare)
Locations Trodain Castle


#123 - Infernal Armour
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 125
MP 8
Attack 135
Defense 130
Agility 102
Experience 850
Gold 150
Dropped Item Cautery sword (common, 1/64)
Silver mail (rare, 1/128)
Skills Call for backup (Medislime), Lightning Strike
Family Material
Description They can conduct lightning to engulf all enemies, and sometimes summon healslimes to lend a helping hand.

The souls of soldiers who died awful deaths, and were brought back in suits of armor forged in the fires of hell.

Locations Gerzuun

Super Light

The Last Hope

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