An Inn is a recurring element of the Dragon Quest series, first appearing in Dragon Quest II. The player's party is able to rest the night at an inn, which will fully restore every party member's HP and MP and removes negative status effects except curses and death. Almost all inns charge a few gold coins for this service, which increases as the player progresses through the storyline.

Free Inns and alternatives

Dragon Quest

  • Tantegel Castle: And old man will restore your MP. If you have Heal, then you can restore yourself in this manner.

Dragon Quest II

  • Spring of Bravery: The old man will restore your characters if talked to.
  • Tantegel: The old man serves the same function as the previous game.
  • Shrine of Rhone: The priest will restore both HP & MP along with allowing you to save the game.

Dragon Quest III

  • Aliahan: The Hero's mother will let you rest at home until Baramos is defeated.
  • Cave West of Noaniels: A Healing Spring is located on the 2nd floor.
  • Tantegel: Recovery can be granted by the old man as with the previous games.
  • Zenith (Remakes only): A Healing Spring is located on the floor based off the Cave West of Noaniels.

Dragon Quest IV

  • Lakanaba: Talking to Tessie will result in Torneko Taloon to rest for the day and recovering all HP, at least until the family moves to Endor.
  • Endor: One Torneko and his family move here, Tessie will serve the same function, but only until the old man at Trans-Montane Tunnel mentions sending a note to her. For the rest of the game, she will not grant free resting.
  • Aubout du Monde: The innkeeper will not charge Maya & Meena for staying the night, nor will he charge The Hero's party as long as one of the sisters is in the line up.
  • Woodcutter's cabin: After the first visit, the woodcutter will let you stay a night.
  • Heaven's Haven: A lone Zenithian restores the characters and allows for game saving.

Dragon Quest V

  • Whealbrook: Sancho lets you rest during the first few visits in the game.
  • Roundbeck: The inn usage is free in the 1st Generation due to Bianca's family being friends with Pankraz.
  • Heaven's Above Abbey: One of the Nuns will let you rest here. It can be used in the 3rd Generation, but only during the day.
  • Knightmare Tower: A Healing Spring is accessible on the door to the left of the entrance.

Dragon Quest VI

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