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Dragon Quest IX

An Inny is a prestigious award given to only the best inn by the King of Stornway. The award had been given to Edwinn several years prior to the game's beginning. It can be found in Angel Falls buried under a bush, and it is used to convince Erinn that her father was truly the Inncredible Inntertainer and she, as his daughter, should be the one running it. The innkeeper in Bloomingdale mentions that his inn was the runner-up for the Inny.

After the completion of the game, a downloadable quest can be accepted in which Erinn wants you to be her partner in the upcoming Inny contest. Upon completion of the quest, Erinn wins the Inny Award, and is available to join your party. Once you have completed the quest, some of the special guests (from previous games) will give you an extra piece of equipment.

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