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Dragon Quest 8 - Iron Helmet

Iron Helmet illustration (DQ8).

The Iron Helmet is a piece of headgear which is common in several Dragon Quest games. It is mid-level headgear often seen during the middle stages of games in the main series.


Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV

The Iron helmet has a defence bonus of +16.

Dragon Quest IX

 Iron Helmet
Defence +11
Buy Price 1100 G
Sell Price 550 G
Flavor text A humble hat made of iron.
Notes Sold in Alltrades Abbey, Porth Llaffan, and Dourbridge.

Dragon Quest Swords


Buy Price {{{buyPrice}}} G
Sell Price {{{sellPrice}}} G


Location Info
Castle Avalonia Sold at armor shop (1150g)

Equipping characters



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