Dragon Quest VIII
Japanese name イシュマウリ
Rōmaji Ishumauri
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Ishmahri is the keeper of the Moonshadow Land. He has long, blue hair and is always seen with his magical harp. It is apparent that he possesses the ability of clairvoyance as he can read objects to obtain unspoken information about them.

"Your clothes, houses, tables and chairs... The sky, the land... They too remember each passing day."
-Ishmahri, to the party upon first meeting.

The party meet Ishmahri twice in the game. In Ascantha, the party are sent by a maid in Ascantha castle on a 'diversion' to find Ishmahri. They then lead him to King Pavan to soothe his broken heart. Ishmahri creates past images of the late Queen Sasha by playing a melody on his harp.

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