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Dragon Quest VII
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Iwan is a character found in Verdham in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Iwan is the son of Borlock, the owner of Verdham's Herb Garden. He falls in love with Linda, one of his father's servants. He proposes to marry her, which would eliminate her debt. He is jealous of Pepe who he feels is monopolizing Linda's affection. At the same time, Kaya, a servant, is in love with Iwan. She tries to have Iwan return her affections but he spurns her advances.

One day, as he is looking out the garden, he sees Linda and Pepe talking. It is at this time that a Gray Rain begins to fall. This is caused by the Rainmaker. The rain turns all of the residents to stone.


After the party defeats the Rainmaker and uses the Angel Tear, Iwan sees that Pepe has fallen on top of Linda. Believing that this is too forward even for Pepe, Iwan rushes to the garden. He finds out that Pepe, in his zeal to protect Linda, put himself on top of her to protect her from the Gray Rain. He becomes stiff and unresponsive due to the effects of overexposure. Iwan has Pepe taken to his house.

He tries to console Linda but is rebuff by the depressed woman. This causes him to complain that Pepe is still monopolizing her affections.

When the party cures Pepe, Iwan decides that his father should throw a party to celebrate his recovery. Borlock also uses this feast to announce Iwan's engagement to Linda. Unfortunately, rain begins to fall. Fearing that it is the Gray Rain, everyone runs for shelter. Inside, Iwan and Kaya are talking about Linda when suddenly, she kisses him. Iwan removes himself from her embrace. Kaya spits out that this is probably what Linda and Pepe are doing but he refuses to believe it.

When Pepe leaves town without a word, Iwan tries to console Linda but she rebuffs him again.


Iwan eventually marries Linda. Linda gives birth to a son whom she names Eppe. Sometime during the interim, Iwan loses his mansion and his garden to Kasadol. He is now a worker in the field. He is prone to drinking. He would abuse Linda. It got so bad for her that she ran away from Verdham.

30 Years Later

Iwan is working in the field with his son, Eppe. He is quite lazy and doesn't finish the work that he needs to do. He goes to his house. Later, he is visited by Kaya who still has feelings for him. Iwan still rebuffs her, telling her that it is pointless to reminiscence about the past. He notices that she still has the rope that he made for her and that it is in tatters. He asks Kaya if she wants to replace it. Kaya refuses, saying that she likes it.

When Kaya is revealed to have poison Kadasol, Iwan comes in and tells Kadasol that she poisoned her on his orders. Kadasol throws both Kaya and Iwan out of his house and Verdham. Iwan tells Kaya to come with him. Kaya says that she doesn't have anything packed but he tells her that they can get what they need elsewhere. They leave the town together, never to be heard from again.

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