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Japanese スクルト
Rōmaji Sukuruto
Type Support
MP 2*
Introduced in II

Kabuff (formerly Increase) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.



Increase is learned by The Prince of Cannock at level 20. It heightens the defense of everyone in the part temporarily.


Both Mages and Sages learn the spell at level 9. It heightens the defense of everyone in the part temporarily.


Kabuff is learnt by Kiryl upon level 15 (level 14 in the NES version).


Kabuff is a spell learnt by Angelo. It increases everyone's defence by a certain number of defence points (up to 200). It adds more defence points the higher Angelo's tension is.


Kabuff is an upgrade spell to Buff. Instead of targeting one person's defence it targets everyone in your party. It is only learnt by paladins at level 26 and sages at level 30.


Kabuff, called Increase in this game, is a skill only obtainable through leveling up the Buff, or Upper, skill. By default, the Armorpede, ArmyCrab, BoxSlime, Catapila, CurseLamp, Healer, Saccer, and SlimeNite monsters learn the Buff skill naturally and can pass it on to other monsters through breeding. Kabuff affects all allies and raises defense by 50%. It can be learned if the monster has Upper, is level 6, has 27 MP and 12 Intelligence.

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