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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Spell Info
Japanese ヒャダイン
Rōmaji Hyadain
Type Ice
MP 24
Introduced in III

Kacrack is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series. It pierces all enemies with ice damage. Until the release of IX, Kacrack was removed from the series' spell pool in V, due to Kacrackle's target range being increased to effect all enemies.



Learned by Mages & Sages at Level 32 in the original release due to a glitch. It costs 9 MP and hits all enemies for 60~80 points of damage. In the Super Famicom remake and its Game Boy Color port the glitch has been corrected and the spell is learned at Level 26.


Kacrack is learned by Borya at Level 27 and deals 60~80 damage for 8 MP.


Learned by Mages at Level 40. Lacerates all enemies with a raw volley of rasping ice for 24 MP. Base damage is 80~104, and the cap is 204~227

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