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Japanese Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Type Recovery
MP 15*
Introduced in II

Kazing (formerly Raise) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.



Kazing revives a dead party member, but only gives them 1 HP.


Kazing has been improved from the previous title and will restore a party member to full HP and does not fail like Zing can.


Kazing acts the same as in III. It costs 20 MP and is learned by the Hero's Son at level 27, Barbatos at level 8, Conkuisitors at level 50, Cureslimes at level 23, Epipanys at level 40, Hades helms at level 40, King cureslimes at level 10, King slimes at level 15, and Orc kings at level 11.


Kazing is only available to Sages at level 45. It restores half of the target's HP.

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