Dragon Quest V
DQV - Kendrick
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Title(s) Unknown
Class Unknown
Race(s) Human
Age 6
Family Harry (father)
Maria (mother)
Joshua (uncle)
Wilbur (half-uncle)

Kendrick​ is a character in V, who is the son of Harry and Maria the nephew of Joshua and Wilbur and a Prince of Coburg.


Kendrick looks like his father in the first era. He has short green hair, blue scale armor, red cape, a small rapiar, black boots, brown socks, white gloves, and blue eyes.


Just like his father he is selfish and play pranks on the Hero's Son and daughter. He doesn't do it on the guards because that will get him in trouble and he has his Mother's niceness. He also has his Mother's softness because be apologized to the party after the lackey badge incident (Which he got from his father.)



Main Games


Kendrick first appeared in Coburg at the third era when the Hero came into the castle with the party he asked rudely who they are which only to be rewarded with a scolding by his father. Harry then ask Kendrick for a tour around Coburg. When The party reaches Harry's previous quarters Hero's Son, and Hero's Daughter ran to them telling him that Kendrick had ask them for a lackey's badge. After they reached the staircases there was Kendrick with the chancellor scolding him and took him back to his parents where they apologized for his behavior. Kendrick apologized as well and gave them the Hermes' Helm. Kendrick does not appear in any more parts of the story besides the ending after the party kills Grandmaster Nimzo