Dragon Quest Builders
DQB Kenelm
Gender Male
Title(s) Resident/Quest Giver
Race(s) Human

Kenelm is a character in Builders. He is a Cantlin villager and the resident guard.


Kenelm has the standard blue and gold Alefgard knight's uniform, and possesses silver hair and tanned skin. He has lively dark eyes, and is presumably at the very least a young adult.


Kenelm is a soldier at heart, willing to take up arms and protect the people of Cantlin like his ancestors before him. He is shown to be eager to strengthen the defenses of Cantlin, such as with his request to build an armory to fight off the monsters. He is also fairly lighthearted and friendly.



Main Games


Kenelm was born at least 18 years before the Builder arrived in Cantlin. Like many people of the ravaged Alefgard, Kenelin was a wanderer with no true home. He does, however, know that his family was descended from the soldiers who defended the city of Cantlin prior to Alefgard's destruction.

Kenelm settled for a spell near the edge of Hammerhood Heights, but was soon attacked by the Dragonlord's minions. The Builder arrives (having been searching for him upon Larouche's request) and defeats the monsters. He is about to wander again when the Builder notifies him of Cantlin's rebuilding process. Having nowhere to go, Kenelm decides to join Cantlin as a guard, like his ancestors before him.