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King Donald
Dragon Quest VII
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Prince Kiefer (son)
Princess Lisette (daughter)

King Donald (formally King Burns) is Prince Kiefer and Princess Lisette's father. He is also the king of Estard Castle.


King Donald has had a rocky relationship with his father after his wife died. Kiefer has a taste for "wine, women and adventure." Things between them really started to deteriorate when Kiefer stole his mother's Sunstone, a ring given to him by King Donald.

When Kiefer and the rest of the party discover Ballymolloy and bring it into the present, King Donald sets out an expedition to see the new island. The old man who lives on the cliff, who was called by the king, realizes that Kiefer and the others had made a world appear. He talks with King Donald to allow Kiefer to go onwards to restore the world. But King Donald, worried about his son and his lineage, refuses to allow Kiefer to continue his journey. However Kiefer sneaks out of the castle and continues his journey anyways. King Donald, understanding that he isn't able to stop Kiefer, allows him to continue on his journey anyways.

When Kiefer decides to stay with the Dejans, The Hero tells King Donald. He appreciates that the Hero told him. He is furious to learn what has transpired but this is a mask to cover his sadness. By this time, King Donald has accepted that Kiefer would continue his journey and would have given him his blessings. But now he is never going to see his son again.

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