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King Korol
Dragon Quest V
DQVDS - King Korol
Sprite(s) DQVDS - Korol
Japanese name イブール
Rōmaji Ibuul
Gender Male
Title(s) King
Race(s) Monster
Age Unknown
Family Unknown

King Korol is the founder of the Order of Zugswang. He is found in the deepest part of the Crocodilopolis. Korol can hit hard with C-C-Cold Breath and of course use Disruptive Wave as well.


Korol is a large green crocodile wearing a very royal looking garb (Possibly due to being the 'king' of the Order of Zugswang)


Not much is known about Korol's personality, as he only speaks briefly to the party. From what we can tell, however, he is very loyal to Nimzo.

In the DS localization of V, he drags out the "S" letter on all of his words, hissing like a snake. This makes little sense considering he's a crocodile.



Main Games


King Korol is an antagonist in Dragon Quest V. He is the leader of a cult that uses slaves to build a giant palace in Korol’s honour called the “White King’s Paradise” or “Crocodilopolis” in some versions. King Korol is not seen for most of the game but is mentioned, often as “Our Dear Leader,” by his slaves and their masters. The slave drivers promise that once his palace is finished the slaves will be released, some of the slaves being delusional enough to believe this is true. The protagonist of the game himself is captured as a child and forced to slave away building King Korol’s palace for ten years. It is made clear later on that Korol was only a figurehead in the cult and that Ladja was the evil mastermind behind everything.

Unlike other villains in the game such as Ladja, Slon or Kon, King Korol only appears late in the game without much build-up besides being referenced by other characters. His fight is also not as challenging as others in the game like the giant Bjorn, Ladja, Kon or the final boss. From all of this it’s easy to think of Korol as not as strong as his cult underlings. His queen is an ogre in disguise, raising more questions about the king, though the chess piece based names of the Dragon Quest V antagonists were only added in localization. King Korol’s name is an obvious allusion to King K. Rool, the villain of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, probably inspired because they are both crocodile kings.

Side Games

Joker 2 Professional

King Korol is a single space A rank monster.

Recipe: Tortured soul x Great dragon (Rashaverak may be used as a substitute for the Great Dragon however.

It is suggested that you do use Rashaverak in fact, as in the Professional version Rashaverak are actually required to make Great Dragons.)


Although Korol is referred to by their followers with the title 'God-King Korol', a poet in Knot Welcome Inne refers to them as being a 'gal'.

He is very similar to King K.Rool, the main antagonist from the Donkey Kong franchise. Their names and appearances are very similar, they're both kings and they are both crocodiles.


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