Kitty shield
DQVIII - Kitty shield
Japanese name キトンシールド
Rōmaji Kitonshīrudo
Introduced in VII

The kitty shield, also known as the kitten shield, is a recurring shield in the Dragon Quest series. It is a novelty shield appearing alongside with the other cat-themed equipment. It offers a decent amount of protection for characters who typically cannot carry heavier shields.


Dragon Quest VII

The kitty shield has a defence bonus of +9 and a style bonus of +8. It can only be equipped by Maribel and Ruff and can be purchased in L'Arca for 310 gold.

Dragon Quest VIII

It is found in the Swordsman's Labyrinth. It has a defense of +12 and can be equipped by Jessica and Angelo.

Dragon Quest IX

Game description: A charming piece of armour with a feline design.

Dragon Quest Swords

There is a 500 point bonus for completing a level with all of the cat-themed equipment.


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Location Info
Various locations Lucky Bag enemy item drop

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