Kon the Knight
Dragon Quest V
Japanese name ジャミ
Rōmaji Jami
Gender Male
Race(s) Pummel horse/Revaulting horse
Age Unknown

Kon the Knight (formerly Jahmi, Jami and Kon) is a character in V.


He is a white muscle horse covered in scales.


Kon the Knight is a very brutal antagonist who enjoys killing people and making them suffer. He eventually gets a castle to rule over and gets some subjects who talk up to him, making him feared as a king.

In the English localization of the DS version of V, nearly all of Kon's dialogue is turned into puns based off horses.



Main Games


Kon is summoned alongside Slon by Ladja in order to kill Pankraz, the main character's father. While he and Slon cannot defeat him alone, Ladja threatens to kill Pankraz's child and forces him to take a heavy beating from Slon and Kon. Kon asks what to do with the main character's pet, and Ladja tells him to throw it out into the wild where it will surely die.

While his introduction makes him appear to be a villain duo with Slon, Kon gets promoted to be the head of a castle in 7 years’ time while Slon is given generic guard duty on a chest. After his initial fight against Pankraz, he kidnaps the main character's wife. In the SNES version of the game, Kon petrifies the protagonist and his wife after his boss battle as his last dying act. In the PS2/DS version, Ladja appears to petrify them and teleports Kon off screen where he is never seen again. It is possible that Kon could have survived, though considering Ladja kills Korol and the fact Kon never appears again it is most likely Ladja kills Kon as punishment for his failure.


The name "kon" may come from "конь" (kon') which means "male horse" in Russian.


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