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Labres is a town in which the island directly connected to Dune.


Upon entering, you'll see the villagers are worried about a 'monster' apparently living in the village. Lucas, a child living there, wishes to stop the people from hurting the monster. You help Lucas, but while doing so, you are thrown away to Mt. Tor.

At the peak of Mt. Tor, you see a 'priest'. Lucas tries to talk to him because of the cases of a missing priest, but that 'priest' was actually a monster in disguise. After you defeat him, the 'monster' in the village has shown its true colors. It was actually the missing priest.

Badly bruised, the priest decided to leave the village with his wounds, and leaving his son, Lucas, alone. Lucas was unable to stop him, although Lucas was able to force him to accept a statue for his safety.

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