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Dragon Quest V
DQVDS - Ladja
Japanese name ゲマ
Rōmaji Gemma
Gender Male
Title(s) Bishop
Race(s) Necromancer
Age Unknown

Ladja is a character and one of the main antagonists in V.



Ladja is cruel and sadistic. His cruelty was proved when he fight The Hero, Harry, and Saber (As kids.) without mercy and killed Pankraz. His bossy attitude was when he order Kon and Slon to take Harry, and The Hero to the mountain of the slaves. He's also cocky he doubted The Hero, Hero's Son, and the party's abilities when they first fought him. However in the final battle he fights serious as proven when Kasap dosen't work on him.



Main Games


Ladja first appears along with Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook. He stops the Hero and Prince Harry from escaping the ruins north of Coburg where Harry was held captive. He easily defeats the Hero and then forces Pankraz to lose to Kon and Slon by threatening the Hero's life. Ladja kills Pankraz with Kafrizzle, then leaves the scene, not to be encountered again. Ladja appears after the Hero kills Kon, where he reveals that the Order of Zugzwig had been keeping tabs of all the noble families to find the lineage of the legendary hero. He proceeds to use his magic to freeze the Hero and his wife to stone before leaving because he perceives the Hero to be too much of a threat from that point. He appears once again in Talon Tower to guard a piece of the Zenithian armor from being taken by the Hero, where he is encountered as a boss. He is defeated and escapes after mocking the Hero's efforts by implying that his wife is dead and will never be found again. He turns up in the Crocodilopolis after King Korol's failure to kill the party and kills Korol in return. He is then encountered for the final time in Mt. Zugzwang, where he sends a fireball to kill Madalena before the Hero can rescue her. He is fought as the penultimate boss of the main story and mocks the Hero's efforts as being worthless because Madalena has served her purpose in unsealing Nimzo and can therefore be disposed of. After his defeat, he pleads for Nimzo to help him but is killed before that can happen. It's left up to player interpretation on the cause; but Ladja's final words seem to imply that the Hero's magic and Madalena's possible summoning of Pankraz's ghost incinerated him. Ladja's final words are him screaming in pain, unable to handle to intensity of the light magic that inexplicably begins to destroy him.


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