Dragon Quest V
DQVDS - Ladja
Japanese name ゲマ
Rōmaji Gema
Gender Male
Title(s) Bishop
Race(s) Necromancer
Age Unknown

Ladja is a character and one of the main antagonists in Dragon Quest V.


Ladja looks like a blue Necromancer with an orange and magenta robe covering all but his hands and face. He has a green and red chin covering, and his eyes are yellow. Both his eyes and the jewel adorning his head are the same color as that of a necromancer, implying that he is of the same species, although this could just be a coincidence.

Although he is always seen with a seemingly warm smile, this is merely a farce to hide his true intentions.


Ladja is the cruel and sadistic priest of the Order of Zugzwang. He doesn't care one bit for anyone who isn't a member of the Order, and will instantly turn on anyone who questions it, or isn't useful to it anymore; this is shown when his apprentice Maria starts to see the cruelty of the Order and Ladja demotes her to one of the slaves.

He speaks with a Russian accent in the English versions; his speech patterns resemble that of the citizens of Zamoksva in IV.



Main GamesEdit


Ladja first appears along with Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook in the ruins northeast of Coburg, where he stops the Hero and Prince Harry from escaping the ruins, and easily defeats them in battle (which is impossible to win due to his infinite hp). After Pankraz appears and easily defeats Kon and Slon, he holds a scythe to the Hero's neck and states that Pankraz can keep fighting if he doesn't care for the Hero's life. After Pankraz loses the next fight against Kon and Slon, Ladja reduces him to ashes with Kafrizzle, then leaves the scene, not to be encountered again until the end of the second generation.

Ladja reappears in Knightmare Towers in the second generation after the Hero defeats Kon, where he reveals that the Order of Zugzwang had been keeping tabs of all the noble families to find the lineage of the Legendary Hero. He then says that the Legendary Hero will be born to the Hero and his wife due to her being of Zenithian descent (unaware that the child has been born already). He proceeds to use his magic to turn the Hero and his wife to stone so that they would be forced to watch their world come to an end. thus ending the second generation.

He appears once again alongside Slon in Talon Tower guarding the right eye of the dragon statue so that the Hero cannot obtain the Dragon Orb. Upon being defeated by the Hero, he states that he is not foolish enough to fight to his death, and notes that he should've killed the Hero when he had the chance. He leaves saying that the next time they fight won't be so easy. He turns up again in Crocodilopolis after the Hero defeats King Korol, to finish him off saying that the Order has no further use for him. He taunts the Hero and his son, inviting them to Nadiria, but saying that they will surely be defeated once they enter. He is then encountered for the final time atop Mt. Zugzwang, where he casts Kafrizzle to kill Madalena before she can offer a prayer to seal Nimzo. He states that since she has fulfilled her purpose she is no longer necessary, and mocks the Hero, saying that it is sweet how he will reunite the Hero and his mother and father as a family (by killing him). He is then fought as the penultimate boss of the main story. After his defeat, he pleads for Nimzo to save him but is struck down by a mysterious force. It is left up to the player to determine the reason, but Ladja's final words seem to imply that Madalena's prayer invoked the Goddess, who in turn obliterated Ladja. Ladja screams in pain, unable to handle to intensity of the light magic that inexplicably disintigrates him.


DQVDS logo V - Unknown


(1st Battle)Edit

HP 3820
MP Infinite
Attack 285
Defense 260
Agility 80
Experience 12000
Gold 900

(2nd Battle)Edit

HP 4000
MP Infinite
Attack 305
Defense 245
Agility 75
Experience 12000
Gold 980

Skills and spellsEdit

(1st Battle)Edit

Skills and Spells
Skills Attacks twice, Inferno
Spells Kafrizzle, Bounce

(2nd Battle)Edit

Skills and Spells
Skills Burning Breath, C-C-Cold Breath, Inferno
Spells Kafrizzle, Bounce


Dropped items
DQVDS logo V Mini Medal (2nd battle)


DQVDS logo V Talon Tower (1st battle), Mt. Zugzwang (2nd battle)



Other languagesEdit

Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Ladja
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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