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Leather Shield

Leather Shield is a shield which is common in several Dragon Quest games. It is a weak shield which is often equipped during the beginning of various games.


Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV

The leather armour has a defence bonus of +4.

Dragon Quest IX


Leather shield  Leather Shield
Defence +3
Buy Price 90 G
Sell Price 45 G
Flavor text An unsophisticated shield of leather over lumber.
Notes Rarity: Stars1


Dragon Quest IX
Location Info
Angel Falls buy
Stornway buy
Leery lout (#031) steal/win, common, 1/16

Equipping characters


DQ9 Warrior IconPriest IconMage IconMinstrel IconDQ9ArmamentalistIconDQ9SageIconDQ9LuminaryIcon



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