DQMJ2 - Leonyx
Japanese name 闘神レオソード
Rōmaji 闘神Reosodo
Family Boss
Introduced in Joker 2


Leonyx is the ruler over the monsters on the island in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 and is needed to be defeated in order to access the Dark World. His corrupted, weaker form, Malevolynx is the final boss of the main game.


Leonyx appears as a giant, yellow-maned, humanoid lion with two massive swords. As Malevolynx, his primary colour of yellow changes to black instead, to represent his corrupted nature.


Leonyx is a huge step up from Malevolynx prior, and unprepared players will be wiped out near-instantly by his powerful attacks, which often deal over 100 damage. The same Kabuff/Multiheal strategy that was recommended on Malevolynx also works here, but is a lot weaker, due to Leonyx's capabilities of damage.

One good strategy is to use powerful beatdown monsters that can attack repeatedly. Monsters that hit multiple times per turn are a good choice, such as Overkilling Machine. Another good choice is to recruit a Night Clubber and use its Giant Killer skill and large attack to your advantage. A final, but more difficult, choice is to recruit a Metal Slime, level it up, and use it against him, negating all magic damage and most physical damage.To defeat Leonyx, you should have a metal-bodied monster in your team, preferably with healing skills.

How to Synthesise/Recuit

Leonyx is one of the most difficult monsters to synthesise in the game, only rivalled by the Zenith Dragon and surpassed by true final boss Rigor Mortex, who needs both of them to be synthesised in order to be created. (However, a friend or hacks is needed for this, as both of them needs a Captain Crow, who can only be scouted once per game.)

Leonyx's fusion recipe is Don Mole + Orochi + Marquis de Leon + Wildcard. He is a Giant Monster, with the traits  Grand Slammer, Tactical Trooper, Bouncer, and Perrilous Parrier.

Other languages

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