Liquid metal sword
DQIVDS - Liquid metal sword
Japanese name はぐれメタルのけん
Rōmaji Haguremetaru no ken
Introduced in IV

The Liquid metal sword is a recurring weapon in Dragon Quest that often puts it in contention to be the best weapon in their respective game. The weapon is usually acquired late in the main quest with only one available.



The Liquid metal sword gives an attack bonus of +130. It cannot be bought and is acquired in the optional dungeon Cascade Cave accessible with the Karstaway stone. The weapon can be held by the Hero/Heroine, Kiryl, Ragnar, Meena, Torneko and Psaro.


The Liquid metal sword gives an attack bonus of +118 and can be held by the Hero, Angelo and Jessica with Edge Master. It cannot be bought and sells for 5000g. It will guarantee to hit metallic monsters for 1-2 damage. The only way to acquire it is through alchemy.

Recipe: Orichalcum, Rusty old sword and Slime crown


The Liquid metal sword is a weapon available in Dragon Quest IX .

Liquid metal sword
Attack 124
Obtained from Alchemy
Buy price Cannot buy
Sell price 27000 G
Equippable by Warrior, Thief, Minstrel, Gladiator, Armamentalist
Flavour text An extremely hard blade that carries incredible clout.

It can be alchemised by using Metal slime sword x1, Orichalcum x1 and Slimedrop x6.

It has a 3 star rarity rating.

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