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Name Description Rarity (Stars) Effects
Strength ring A band that bolsters brawn when worn. 1

Attack: +4

Tough guy tattoo A mark that magnifies muscle and musters fighting might. 1 Attack: +6
Raging ruby A jewel that jacks up attack power when worn. 1 Attack: +9
Mighty armlet An accessory that accentuates attack power when worn. 2 Attack: + 12
Gold bracer A pure gold piece of armwear that artfully enhances defence. 1 Defense: +3
Slime earrings Jaunty jewellery with a slimy slant. 1 Defense: +4
Dragon scale A warrior's ward made of a wyrm's scale. 1 Defense: +5
Gold ring A beautiful, pure gold band that artfully enhances defense. 1 Defense: +2
Ruby of protection A sparkling stone that strengthens defense when worn. 1 Defense: +10
Bunny tail A fun and fluffy fashion item. 1 Agility: +5
Pink pearl A jolly gem with a rose colour. 1 Defense: +3
Bow tie A toff's tie that's sure to advance its wearer's vanity. 1 Defense: +3
Utility belt A craftsman's companion that does wonders for its wearer's deftness. 1 Deftness: +25
Agility ring A magical accoutrement that accentuates agility. 1 Agility: +20
Meteorite bracer Awesome armwear that makes its wearer insanely agile. 2 Agility: +100
Sorcerer's ring A beautiful band that boost max. MP and magical might. 2

Magical might: +15

Max. MP: +15

Gold rosary A holy helping hand that slighty heightens magical mending. 1

Defense: +2

Magical mending: +7

Rosary A string of beads that boosts max. MP and magical mending. 1

Magical mending: +15

Max. MP: +15

Sorcerer's stone A jewel that jacks up its wearer's magical might a little. 1

Magical might: + 2

Magical mending: +2

Brainy bracer An unusual accessory that enhances its wearer's magical might. 1

Magical might: +8

Magical mending: +8

Life bracer An enchanted extra that heals its wearer's wounds in battle. 1 Defense: +4
Spirit bracer An enchanted armband that boosts max. MP by thirty. 2

Defense: +4

Max. MP: +30

Monarchic mark A kingly coat-of-arms that increases magical might and mending. 2

Defense: +4

Magical might: +10

Magical mending: +10

Prayer ring A righteous ring that restores a modicum of MP when used. 1 Defense: +3
Holy talisman A ring that resists the ravages of death magic when worn. 1 Defense: +6
Sober ring A ring that resists Dazzle-like magic when donned. 1 Defense: +5
Contra band A ring that raises resilience to poison attacks when worn. 1 Defense: +5
Full moon ring A ring that provides protection against paralysis when worn. 1 Defense: +5
Rousing ring A ring that resists sleep attacks when worn. 1 Defense: +5
Ring of clarity A ring that confounds confusion attacks when worn. 1 Defense: +5
Catholicon ring A brilliant band that resists a whole range of undesirable effects. 2 Defense: +5
Terrible tattoo A satanic stick-on design with an ominous odour about it. 1

Agility: +8


Skull ring An unpleasant piece of jewellery with an ominous odour about it. 2

Defense: +6


Elfin charm A talisman that turns aside tons of undesirable effects. 2 Defense: +5
LIfe ring A rejuvenating ring that heals health points with every step. 1 Defense: +6
Goddess ring A blessed band that bring back MP with every step. 3 Magical mending: +15
Reckless necklace Unnatural neckwear with an ominous odour about it. 2

Defense: + 6


Lucky pendant A necklace that negates all sorts of spells that lower abilities. 3

Defense: +5

Evasion chance: +3.0%

Venus' tear A jewel that fascinates those whos feast their eyes on it. 4 Defense: +5
Soldier's medal A warrior's award that ups its wearer's attack power. 4

Attack: +20

Defense: +3

Lifesaving medal A priest's prize that pumps up magical mending. 4

Defense: +3

Magical mending: +50

Mager achievement A mage's medal that maximises magical might. 4

Defense: +3

Magical might: +50

Mercury prize A martial artist's medal that improves its wearer's agility. 4

Defense: +3

Agility: +120

Honour among thieves A thief's award that enhances the chances of successfully stealing. 4 Defense: +3
Wear-with-all award A minstrel's medal that allows you to equip the opposite sex's stuff. 4 Defense: +3
Critical acclaim A gladiator's medal that cranks up the chance of a critical hit. 4 Defense: +3
Order of chivalry A paladin's decoration that drums up defense. 4 Defense: +20
Combat action medal An armamentalist's medal that maxes the chance of a coup de grace. 4 Defense: +3
Medal of freedom A reward for rangers that upgrades deftness when donned. 4

Defense: +3

Deftness: +100

Legion of merit A sage's medal that magnifies max. MP. 4

Defense: +3

Max. MP: +60

Noscar An accolade for luminaries that seriously supplements style. 4 Defense: +3
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